Acoustical Ceiling Services

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Acoustic characteristics play an important role in the overall ambience of a room. Therefore, when it comes to leisure commercial property construction—such as restaurants or hotels – the acoustic characteristics must be given consideration. Installing an acoustical ceiling is a key measure for achieving desirable sound parameters pleasant to the ear, and Krayniy Construction provides comprehensive acoustical ceiling services in and around Chicago.

There is an entire spectrum of commercial, public, and residential building types with different acoustical conditions. These building types range from those requiring complete sound absorption to the ones that benefit from beautiful sound and powerful reverberation.

They include:

  • hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, libraries, and research centers;
  • museums and places of worship;
  • private houses, apartment buildings, and business offices;
  • restaurants, hotels, indoor amusement centers, and shopping malls;
  • concert halls, movie theaters, playhouses, conference halls, and other performance venues.

The acoustic characteristics for different building types are created using a variety of sound control construction supplies and techniques. A well-balanced combination of sound-reflective and sound-dampening materials allows to achieve the desired level of sound control and reverberation distance. In acoustical ceiling installation, the following materials can be used:

  • sound batts;
  • sonic control panels and tiles;
  • acoustical coatings.

The Krayniy Construction team of professionals excels at installing acoustic ceilings. Before getting to work, we’ll carefully evaluate the building’s sound requirements and other specifications and assist the customer with choosing the option that will fit their needs best. Once the installation is complete, we’ll provide clear instructions and support related to routine maintenance and regular checkups of your ceiling system. Whether you need an acoustical ceiling installed or just have a question—contact us, and our friendly representatives will be glad to help!