Construction Management Services

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Krayniy Construction offers a comprehensive set of construction management services aimed to meet all construction needs of our clients A to Z. From planning and procurement to control over and management of the construction process until the completion of the project, our experienced professionals are prepared to cover whatever aspects of the construction you demand and deliver top-notch CM services throughout the project. We care about the wonderful land where we live and the people around us and always pay utmost attention to community needs and environmental considerations.

During the construction project planning phase, the services provided by Krayniy Construction include but are not limited to the following:

  • setting the scope of work and main objectives of the project;
  • work estimation, budget planning and schedule preparation;
  • construction site surveying, logistics planning, and procurement of materials and equipment;
  • selection of subcontractors and definition of their responsibilities.

Once the construction work is started, our team carries out daily management and communication tasks such as:

  • setting daily goals and work supervision;
  • control over work quality and fulfillment of milestone tasks according to schedule;
  • work safety management;
  • timely purchasing and delivery of equipment and materials as well as other supplies;
  • coordination of effort, interaction between different teams, and dispute resolution;
  • communication with the client and contract administration;
  • daily preparation of labor statements and other required paperwork.

After the completion of the project, Krayniy Construction continues to provide useful CM services in the form of post-construction support. This includes various follow-up activities, assistance with inspections, etc.

We delight in what we do. Our expertise, dedication, and individualized approach to every client and every project make Krayniy Construction a premier provider of Chicago area construction management services. If you’re looking for an experienced CM services firm, look no further and send us a message today!