Drywall Suspended Systems Service

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Contemporary drywall suspension systems offer the combination of design flexibility, reliability, and value that is difficult to match with other secondary ceiling options. We at Krayniy Construction know full well the advantages of drywall suspension and provide first-rate Chicago area drywall suspension system services, including initial assessment and planning assistance, installation itself, and post-project advice and support.

Drywall suspension ceilings, also known as dropped or grid ceilings, are based on a metal grid suspended on wires from the structural (“real”) ceiling of the building. The grid is made up of individual T-shaped elements joined together in such a way as to allow placing drywall tiles in the resulting frames. Thanks to the nature of its parts, a drywall suspension ceiling system as a whole offers a number of benefits:

  • heavy-duty gridwork adds structural stability and strength;
  • flexibility of joining individual grid parts allows for a great variety of surface shapes;
  • easily accommodates any lighting, ventilation, and fire sprinkler setup;
  • drywall panels can be cut to desired shapes directly on the site in order to fit the grid;
  • quick and inexpensive installation is more cost-effective than the majority of other options;
  • excellent for concealing air ducts, piping, and electrical cables.

Any drywall suspension system requires to be correctly integrated with the building’s electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. In addition, it has certain safety standards of its own that must be satisfied and call for skill and accuracy. For these reasons, installing drywall suspension systems is not as simple as it may appear and requires the work to be performed by professionals and directed by a well-experienced construction manager.

The Krayniy Construction team’s professional qualifications enable us to offer drywall suspension system services of the highest quality, to which our satisfied customers can attest. We’ll be happy to design and install a drywall suspension system you need, so please contact us with any request, question, or comment you might have!