Soundproofing and Noise Control Services

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With the levels of city noise ever increasing, effective soundproofing and noise control becomes a more and more important aspect of residential, industrial, civic, and commercial construction. Krayniy Construction provides professional soundproofing and noise control services to businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Chicago metro area. The members of our team are skilled experts who always give due consideration to community needs and environmental concerns.

Undesirable noise can be roughly divided into three categories depending on the nature and location of its source:
Impact noise. For example, the noise of a door slammed shut may travel through the walls of the building, causing inconvenience to neighbors. The noise of working equipment also falls in this category.

Airborne noise. The sounds that travel through open air, like the noise of cars in heavy city traffic, loud laugh, or music from a pumped up stereo.

Reverberation noise. Undesirable reflection of the sound from an internal source, like the voice of a singer echoing from the walls during a recording session.

Each category calls for a different method of noise mitigation. Materials and devices used for noise control and soundproofing include:

  • state-of-the-art sonic damping tiles;
  • industrial-grade acoustic baffles;
  • noise reduction panels;
  • sound absorption liners, etc.;

After making our assessment and suggesting to the client the best course of action, we’ll also provide available options for the client to approve, geared toward meeting the deadlines and budget requirements. Based on the client’s particular situation and specific needs, our experts can offer a wide selection of professional soundproofing installation services, be it two-way acoustic isolation for a recording studio, internal noise reduction for a heavy-industry facility, or noise pollution control for a residential building facing a busy city thoroughfare like Lake Shore Drive.

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