Stretch Ceiling Installation Services

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In the recent years, stretch ceilings have become the option of choice for residential and leisure/retail commercial construction and remodeling. And no wonder: installing a stretch ceiling is relatively quick, while the advantages it carries along are many. Krayniy Construction provides expert stretch ceiling installation services throughout Chicagoland. We offer an extensive variety of options and will happily assist you with making the choice you need.

The main part of a stretch ceiling is a light PVC or nylon sheet, called a membrane, that has a catch—a specially shaped feature welded to it along the edges. The other part is called a perimeter track and lines the walls of the room at the desired height. During the installation, the membrane is heated for easier stretching and then hooked securely by the catch to the perimeter track. The entire process takes considerably shorter time than the installation of any other type of ceiling, and the result is a perfectly flat, aesthetically pleasant, and low-maintenance ceiling surface.

The advantages of a stretch ceiling can be summarized as follows:

  • requires minimal to none pre-installation work;
  • installation takes mere hours and is clean in comparison to other ceiling types;
  • takes up about an inch of vertical space, saving headroom;
  • won’t peel off, crack, crumble, or get discolored with time;
  • resistant to mildew and waterproof, so a perfect fit for bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.;
  • needs very little maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap;
  • the glossy type of stretch ceiling finish makes the room appear more spacious and lively;
  • can be printed with any kind of image or pattern, offering limitless design ideas.

Despite the fact that stretch ceiling installation is a more or less simple, clean, and quick procedure, special equipment, professional experience, and knowledge are necessary to accomplish thework.

The Krayniy Construction specialists have all of these qualities and will be glad to provide any kind of stretch ceiling installation services along with a professional consultation.