Wood and Metal Framing Services

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Framing works are an essential part of any large or medium-sized contemporary construction project. The Krayniy Construction company offers excellent wood and metal framing services in and around Chicago. Our knowledgeable experts are ready to do any wood or metal framing job according to the client’s design—or perform the assessment of the initial project and come up with a framing solution that will fit the client’s requirements, including budget constraints.

Choosing between a steel frame and a wooden one can sometimes be tricky, and even experienced developers aren’t always certain which option to pick. While each individual construction project has its own specifics, we have compiled a quick reference list of differences between wood and metal framing.


Wooden frames: Steel frames:
  • require less expensive materials;
  • may take longer to assemble;
  • have smaller maximum truss length;
  • are warm in winter and cool in summer;
  • are susceptible to fire;
  • are susceptible to damage caused by insects;
  • offer greater flexibility in initial design;
  • cannot withstand natural disasters.
  • consist of more expensive prefabricated parts;
  • are usually faster and easier to install;
  • afford greater maximum clear-span length;
  • make it harder to control climate inside;
  • are extremely fire-resistant;
  • cannot be damaged by insects;
  • make adding a new part to the building easier;
  • provide reasonable protection from disasters.


It’s obvious that both wooden and steel structural framing have their advantages and drawbacks. Other considerations, such as the choice between light-frame and heavy-frame construction, may in turn influence the items on the list.

All in all, selecting the right option is a complicated task that requires taking into account a number of general factors as well as all the details of a particular construction project. This is why it’s usually best to enlist the help of an experienced wood and metal framing services provider – and we at Krayniy Construction will gladly assist you with making the correct decision.

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